FALLIN' CD 2013 Inner Jacket Thank You Notes

I dedicate this album to my beautiful children Timothy , Brendan , Maura & Devlin and their loved ones. Your enthusiasm for life and music has always made my heart sing. I love you so much . this one's for you.
Marjorie & William E. Devlin Jr. for providing an incredible environment in our big old rambling house in Vermont where we kids could create music whenever we wanted.

Thank you CSA , Bob Leone Artist Management , Russ Kinsley WZXP 97.9

To Deb Maranville Wallis for loving me just the way I am and inspiring my song HOME.

To my Sister Mary Devlin Langer and her amazing family , you have blessed my life over and over.

To my amazing friends and fans and also to the winners of my first contest for best review : Elaine Collins , Deb Antari  , Ray Corey .

Thank you Paul Opalach producer , multi - instrumentalist , and friend for life . You are a talented artist and miracle worker at Long Hill recording and Video Studio! It takes a generous soul to go above and beyond to have helped me reach for my moon!

Am important thank you to my baby brother Paul Devlin , singer / songwriter & multi - intrumentalist who has been making music with me since we were kids. Your tireless energy , enthusiasm and love means more to me than words can express. I would not have come to this place without you . You make time where there is none and you spit and polish every thing you touch!

I am in deep gratitude to my brother's wife , Heather Marschalk . Hedi knows her way around the studio from recording to performing back up vocals and is also an awesome loving cook and bartendress ! Where would we be without you  ? Love you Heather !

When theThunder Moon is Full

     I finally happily added my video "When the Moon is Full " to my website Video page!  Just in time for the Thunder Moon on the 22nd of July .

     I am so crazy over Full Moons but it wasn't always so.  I also have belonged to a very private Moon Lodge  and I have seriously been considering starting my own Moon Lodge !  FWO !
    There was a period in my life when around the time of the full moon I became a wee bit anxious and it was indirectly related to the full Moon !  In fact it was the relationship I was in at the time but that relationship is long gone and my love  for the Full Moon is just as wonderful and enjoyable as when I was a young girl in pig tails! 

    During  the healing process after that relationship  fell apart , my songwriting became a powerful therapy for me .  I thought about maybe exploring the dating world again . 

     From that first experience rejoining the dating world came the song "When The Moon is Full "  and a few other tunes related to coming out of a long relationship .
     I was fortunate to hook up with a wonderful arranger , Mark Pompey  at that time . He added so much to the final recording of this song! 

    I remember the night I went to Longhill Recording Studio's where  Producer and Multi Instrumentalist  Paul Opalach had me hear the final finished version of When the moon is full .

    I was flattered to have my Dear Old Friend Keith Lebo there that night to hear this  tune with me . We were both wowed!!!   Paul Opalach puts his heart and soul into every project he produces. 

     This song started out on my 12 string and Marks 6 string .  The final recording has real howling wolves!!!   What fun !
      More Fun is this Video also created by Paul Opalach  inspired by this song!  I hope you Enjoy as much as we did making it!  Here is a link to my video page !  Enjoy ! Happy Thunder Moon  y'all !

Who to Thank Part 1 ( Mom and Dad )

Who To Thank ??? 

   I was busy working on my liner notes for my New LP Fallin'  the other day  and I got myself lost in the blinding crowd of wonderful folks who have helped me all these years directly and indirectly with my songwriting, writing in general ,  stage presence, instrumentality ,  resources and all kinds of secrets and tricks of the trade in this business and of course most important discipline . The discipline and dedication of  putting in hours and hours  sitting and creating  is always worthy of a pat on the back .
    I could not fit all those thank you's in the liner notes and I knew it! 
   My part one thank you goes out to my Parents .  Mom and Dad tipped the scales when it came to the arts and culture in our home. We were raised performing by acting or through music. Dad put us on live television doing  commercials and modeling  when we were very young . We were put  to work early on the stage and behind the set . We were taught everything from Stage management , production , lighting , sound , props , costume etc.  whether or not we wanted to pursue a life in the arts or not!
    We grew up in a house full of music and theater and writing  and comedy . Even though Dad worked in Television we weren't allowed to sit and watch  TV often. We were sent outside to explore the hills and mountains , forests and streams of our Home State or we were to make music or write and perform skits  in our barn for all the neighbors !  We have lots of old film  to remind us !
  Before 7 of us children came along  Dad wrote for Television and Radio in NYC . He was the Head writer for several early shows  including " THE BAT " Bela Lugosi . Dad decided once the children started to come that a move to the Vermont country side and forming the Essex players was a better lifestyle for us kids.
    Mom and Dad were writers and Dad wrote and produced his plays til the end of His life in 2009 .  Both were very  disciplined about there writing. Dad was up at 5 am every morning to write before heading off to WCAX  in Burlington . Mom chose to do her writing on weekends and vacations  until she retired and then she wrote everyday !  Proud to say Mom and Dad are both published , produced and award winning writers  . I am so grateful to them both and I miss them so much . 
    The lesson Mom and Dad taught us kids  was that True Happiness lies in the pursuit and reach of the goal !   I am there !                 Thank you Mom and Dad     Love You .  
                                       Your loving daughter ,   Kayte


Hey There Dear friends!  

I  am so Happy the weather has warmed up here in the North East !  Yay !

Spring finally arrived and I gave myself a much deserved rest . We sure  worked hard writing , recording and doing video's out west this winter .
What fun we had watching all our songs climb to #1  on those cdbaby charts ! 
I have been quietly writing and recording here on the East Coast and enjoying my dear family and catching up with friends and filling  my calendar in with fun summer bookings!

In a couple of days two more of my songs will be available for purchase at cdbaby  and iTunes  and on Amazon�vlin

My New Song HOUSE OF LOVE is a song of renewal . It is a song of Faith ,Hope and Spiritual Growth . It is a Universal Song of Acceptance ! If our world has been shaken we still have in us the ability to rebuild  on a firm loving  ground where all are welcome and equal without prejudice.
 I hope this simple song "HOUSE OF LOVE" opens your mind and spirit and heart to all who joyfully and lovingly participate in the dance of life . May the love and kindness of your spirit always be welcome and accepted wherever you go in life. May no harm come to you .  So please watch for my New songs in just a few more days!  PEACE  and LOVE , Kayte

Behind the scenes of “ Fallin’ “ video at Vasquez Rocks

Thanks to my Brother Paul for his  co authorship on this Blog

So it’s Saturday night in the sleepy Thousand Oaks town. The Devlin/Mannle clan are sitting together in the living room…

 Dev: “hey, is Vasquez Rocks near here?”


Paul: “Yea, it’s only about an hour away”


Dev: “Wow, can we go there?”


Paul: “Sure, that would be fun, let’s go tomorrow”


Later on…Paul to Heather: “…Vasquez Rocks… that would be so cool to film a video for Kayte’s new song, ‘Fallin’”


Heather (with a groan): “Can’t we just go someplace and enjoy it for what it is and not turn it into a major production?...oh, o.k. I know it will be fun and probably great in the end.”

Paul: “But how cool and Devlin could film it”


The family gets together and plans out the day. The song was not even recorded yet. There was a rough guitar part and a rough lead vocal but nowhere near completed. Before we headed out Paul and I recorded a close to final vocal so that the final music track could link to the video. Time was running out but after we recorded that vocal and did a very rough mix, Paul & Heather loaded the gear and we were on our way.


A quick stop to get sandwiches at Lassens, the local Health Food Store, and we were eating in the car and discussing how we were going to make this all happen.


It was so amazing to see Vasquez Rocks and Dev was so happy. The very first thing we did was take photos of Dev all around the rocks with his “Vulcan Salute” then we got to work…


The afternoon sun was perfect and Dev went ahead to scout out the locations. We knew we wouldn’t have much time before the sun set so we just had to go as fast as we could.

We started low on the rocks and as the sun was setting, we kept moving higher up the rocks to stay in the sun. As we went up higher though, the color of the setting sun kept getting warmer and the color of the rocks were just amazing.


Heather: …”you should stand right here in front of these rocks and film your shadows from the setting sun…” – That was so very cool. Heather has an amazing eye and filmed with the other video camera in addition to taking some amazing photos. Not to mention being the key grip. Heather also suggested we lay flat on the big rocks with the sun setting on us.


Dev had set his phone to alert him when we had to finish filming before the sun completely set. Every once in a while you would hear him say, “…only 30 minutes left…only 20 minutes left…”. That was so cool he did that because he kept us all on task.


As we were filming on the rocks, a man and his child got stuck up on the rocks. The rescue team had to be called in to get him off the rock. So as we were filming, there was this huge helicopter flying right over us. They assessed the situation and realized they weren’t needed for the rescue but before they left, they did a very low fly-over on us…I think they were checking us out…it was so loud though and windy from that chopper and we felt so small.


The last shot of the day: Paul and I are doing our very last take and what flies behind us but a Hawk. It not only flies behind us on the very last few seconds of the song but circles back around as it leaves…amazing!! We think it was Dad making an appearance for us…really beautiful. What are the chances?


So we actually only filmed for probably an hour or so but got amazing footage. Devlin’s mastery of the camera was impressive. When Paul was editing the footage he kept commenting to me on how incredible Devlin’s talent is. Devlin shot completely in manual mode and made some really beautiful moves at some incredible angles.  He anticipated where the music was going and changed his focus accordingly. Paul says it made his job of editing so much easier because of the emotion that Dev captured through his camera work. This was all based on a song that he hadn’t really heard until the night before. When you watch the video you can see his talent with the camera and his eye for shots that needed to taken, i.e., me walking down the rocks, Paul and I walking and talking.


All the while, there was laughter and we had fun.


So as I said, “It takes a family” and this is proof. Each of us played a part in what came to fruition even in writing this blog ! Thank you  Baby Brother and I couldn’t be more proud




My music video for my song Fallin' is now up as promised on my website
I hope you all enjoy and take time to follow link from there to to purchase this feel good Love song!   99 cent special !  I would so appreciate if you would leave me a comment  on my cdbaby store site . 

This weekend I will be sharing with you all that took place Behind the scenes of recording this song and the filming of the Actual video .    It took a Family .

I would love to chat with you on FaceBook too ..   you can find me here                                                           
Til this weekend then   Enjoy my new song and video!     Love Kayte

Finding My Focus as a Solo Singer/Songwriter /Emptynester

    Yikes!  325 days since my first Blog!  What Happened?
     Yes indeed  I did Focus on my craft ,focusing so much of my energy into writing and recording songs and booking myself out there in the public so I could perform these songs that it left little time for blogging .
     I also learned that I needed to become a better guitarist! And that has really been the Time Thief!
     Now that I am well into this empty Nest Thing , I find myself up quite early practicing new Techniques on my 6 string Taylor.
     Now I know why so many Artists have Managers and that subject weighs light to medium on my mind these days.
    My first step in focusing is to SIMPLY Simplify my life. I ask myself How many Balls do I really need to juggle right now? How many of the Balls I am juggling do I even want to juggle?
     As  a Single mother of four I have come to realize I got stuck in the Swamplands of Juggling and Sacrificing and saying Yes to Everything and everyone under the Sun in need. I thought once this "EMPTY NEST" came along it would be easy and even exciting to start saying NO finally! I wasn't so good at saying No at first! It took time and I made some real blunders! I knew the word NO was finally coming when I was saying YES but my actions said NO!
     We don't want to say Yes to People when we feel in our Gut that it is a No.
It is OKAY to say NO. It is OKAY to Focus on YOU! 
      You are No Good to Anybody else if you are No Good to You! 

This Year my First Born was Wed to the love of his Life and all 4 of my Children said Goodbye to 3 of their Grandparents , one of whom was my Mother...These are times when you have to focus on others sometimes more than yourself ...but soon comes You again!

So my Blog tonight...

            FOCUS  on You First!    Mega Hugs from Kayte


If not for Love...In My Life

                   I am starting to believe for Real that I am an Empty Nester! It's really happened! It's my Turn Again! We can make great strides in life toward our own dreams and then find we have to pause, put things on SEMI- hold to take care of those who need us . People have come and stayed in my life and some have moved on. Through the years , I learned the hard way , the difference between Genuine need and  Selfish Neediness. My 4 Children had a genuine need for me  to be There for them.  They became my one and only First Priority. I also learned  to surround myself with people who have not given up on there dreams. They make for Best friends , Soul Mates and Life Partners.  I have felt the resentment of people around me who gave up on there own personal Happiness.

                  All the while I raised my kids ,I never stopped moving toward my dreams  I just had to make  more modest strides toward this day that I knew would be returned to me.

                  My Youngest is making it Happen in San Francisco for 7 months now. Some of you may know Devlin is gifted in Film making!  His Sister Maura has been in San Fran  going into her 4th year.Maura intended to get her Doctorate in Veterinary Med , but has switched to a Masters in Nutrition ,Her day job is as a Pet Tech , but following in her Mommy's footsteps , she took acting classes and supports her Schooling and Clothing Habit acting in Commercials , T.V. and Movies.  My second child Brendan ,a gifted writer / songwriter / musician ,after years  of touring around the country on a small record label , moved back from California and has his head back in the Books in College and to his surprise not ours made the Dean's List . He intends to make it in this world as a Writer. Timothy , Our First Born has the curse of too many passions , but Finally chose one of those to lead the way. He has a wonderful Photography Business and still lives nearby,   I couldn't be Happier  that My kids are  making there dreams come true.

                 Where I have been, Where I am at Present and where I am going is all for Love. I am not Mother Theresa , Though I do get called Sweet Kayte . I can't play slide guitar like Bonnie Raitt , but I am determined to try. I am told I sing like an angel , but there are a lot of angels out there. I try to put a lot of love into People, Animals , The Earth, Charity's , My Terrible cooking and my wonderful Baking and of course my Singing and writing, Picking and strumming  and hugging!
                 I am famous among those who know me for being madly in love with The Great Outdoors and adventure. I am addicted to running and Sea Glass. Growing up in Vermont, The Lakes and mountains were our T.V. Set. I miss my childhood haunts , Red Rock, Three Pines, Beavers Dam, Drury's Brook, The Clay Pit, The Sand Pit ...Bow and Arrow Point , North Hero Island , sitting up on the cliff next to a roaring fire Dad made in that Outdoor fireplace he built so we could stay warm and roast marshmallows while staring across the lake to the Adirondacks. My siblings and I watched some of the best Fireworks on the 4th of July's on that very steep cliff on the Lake. My Parents never put a fence there .Even when the grandchildren came along. Nobody fell over. We're still here . All those wonderful places that were right out our back door have given me a forever affection with Nature. 
                  What don't I like ?  House cleaning...Really I don't like it, but I will do it out of Love for my Family and Friends..That's what Love does to us ! We do things for others that we don't always want to do because we Love them.
                  What do I know about Love?  Well, I have tasted it's appealingly , Sweet seductive romantic side and been nearly slain by it's bitterly cold, sharp ,relentlessly unforgiving Evil Twin. How's That for ya?
While I choose very carefully to stay on the Sunny side of Love, I have no problem writing about the Evil Twin once in a while in my songs. It's part of Life.
                  I know a Mother's Love. I carry my Children's joys and their sorrows in my heart.  I have been blessed to have felt my own Mother's Love for me. She held me through Happiness and Heartache over life's many journeys. I am blessed by a wealth of friendships and siblings and a Mom and Dad who gave life to seven of us always setting an example of Sacrifice, Charity, Passion and appreciation for the Arts and Culture and a Thankfulness for just being alive.
                  This is my journey and my Songs will tell of that journey. I am so Grateful to everyone who comes to see my performances. It means so much to me.
                   I encourage us all to go and Live the Life we Dream. To know the Joy of putting Love into everything we do. Even if you might be stuck in a job you don't like so much, try putting some Love into it and see what happens..
                   So for me, I will continue to Take care of the Big Stuff Like Love and Let go of the Little Stuff like dust bunnies under the Couch.   Love is always right there in all my Decisions and actions so That I may Live the life I dream. I look forward to sharing my Journey with you . Peace and Happiness.
                   I leave you with a song...Not an original. Recorded 7 months ago, Video is Florida visiting Mom and Aunt Smoky where all we did was eat and eat and eat and then we went on to California to eat and eat and eat some more and to  record this.
                   LEAD VOCAL , MARY J. DEVLIN LANGER



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